Help explain these two noises.

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Mar 26, 2009
Graham, TX
I spent all day giving the cruiser some much needed attention. I gave her a full tune up and she is running much better now. I did come across two different noises that I wanted to get you guys opinion on.

1) The engine fan really roars as I rev up the engine. Shouldn't these be on a clutch that keeps it from getting this loud? Maybe its something that is normal and I am not used to it yet.

2)The bigger issue is a high pitch whining noise increasing pitch with speed. If you rev engine in neutral, no whining noise. It is really bad when decelerating in gear or down shifting to help slow down. Sounds like the tranny or something like that.

What do you think?
I'm pretty sure sound number 1 is the fan. They are pretty loud on our trucks. It shouldn't be on all the time, but when you are driving it and reving it, it is usually on... Just try to listen if it is on all the time. If so, your fan clutch could be bad.

Someone else will have to chime in on sound number 2...
Number 2 sounds like you don't have oil in the transmission. I heard that happen to a friend on mine in his 40. You could honestly hear him come from a 1/4 mile away.
The gear are getting hot and making contact with each other thus the whine. Did you check the oil?
No I haven't. I will check and get back to you. This noise happens right away. So the gears are cool when it makes this noise too. I hope the transmission and/or t-case are okay. Oh man!
When the seal between the transfer case and the transmission goes bad, FJ60 and FJ 40 LandCruisers often develop a condition where the oil is pumped UP into the transmission resulting it overfill of the transmission and underfill of the transfer case. There is a ghetto fix for this by running a hose between the two fill plugs.
I think tha some cruisers, including mine, have "gear whine". I hope to have mine fixed soon with a new 5-speed!
I think that is exactly what it is, gear whine. That noise is annoying. Is it okay to have, besides annoying me, or do I need to do something about it soon? And what can I do?
I think that is exactly what it is, gear whine. That noise is annoying. Is it okay to have, besides annoying me, or do I need to do something about it soon? And what can I do?

Matt60 posted a link to one of my threads where I had what I thought was just a gear wine, so go check it out. Get under your truck and check to see if the idler shaft retention bolt is there and tight ( 10mm bolt next to the center of the case ). If it's tight, check the fluid levels in your tranny and t-case.
i've got this same whine in mine. just did a fluid change less than 2000 miles ago. still there. i went to a thicker oil thinking it might help. no change. checked the idler shaft - is in place.

Now mine is leaking out the front shaft. dripping off the clutch fork and small retainer clip. I guess it is running back down the shaft. I think the retainer seal is leaking. Could the whine be the retainer bearing or the input bearing? AND would the retainer bearing be part of a standard rebuild? the PO rebuilt this tranny, but not sure what parts got put in.
smoking too much so...

well i think every cruiser has loads of noise coming from whatever???
i usually think i hear stuff making different noises but its usually cause of the stuff i'd been smoking.

the only cure

Get a HONKIN" stereo, all problems solved.
Mine has a whine in gear as well. I thought is was the pilot bearing or throwout bearing, so I replaced those along with the clutch. It didn't help. Now, I'm sure I need to rebuild the transfer case. I also have some play in the rear differential pinion which may be contributing to the noise and a small clunk as well.

It's always something, but it's paid for.
Can you also feel the noise with your hand on the shifter. If the bearings in the 4spd are bad you will get a whine and you can feel a vibration when in gear. It goes away in N like you said.
Yes, I can feel the noise in the shifter. What bearings in the trans do I need to replace?
#2 is gear/pinion. May want to get it looked at...

I had three shops tell me it was pinion when I knew it was comming from the transmission. None of them wanted to take the time to look at it. Anytime you get a noise and a vibration in the transmission the canned answer is pinion gear. These things have very strong pinion gears. You can rule the pinion out by unhooking the drive shaft and trying it in front wheel drive. If its still there then you can rule out the rear pinion.

On the other hand there is a reason that they make a rebuild kit for the transmission as those bearing do wear out.
I can't speak with authority on your fj60, but I think the fan and clutch are the same? It will roar for awhile after you start it up, but then you can hear the fan clutch release and things get more quiet until you stop at a stop light and then you will hear it engage again.

Can't help you with your tranny whine. My fj62 has a quiet smooth shifting automatic. :D

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