Help determining if my 80 has a lift, stock height or sagging.

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Jan 31, 2023
Hey Guys,
I bought my 80 about a month ago and just got done with most of the baselining… Now I want to start looking at lifts but my problem is I don’t know where I’m starting at as far as ride height on the rig now. I have about 4 inches to play with and still fit in garage.

I’ve saw a thread that said factory height from center of hub to fender flare is possibly 20/21 but wanted to get that confirmed.

It came with 31inch Duratracs and the ground to fender flair height is around 36inches front and back(I installed 30 millimeter spring spacers in front to level it out).

Center of hub to fender flair is around 21 inches and the gap between top of tire to fender flair is around 5 1/4 inches.

I don’t think these are stock springs as I wouldn’t consider them sagging but who knows. They are factory black.

The only weight I have on the truck is the factory brush guard at the moment(no running boards/sliders, no roof rack, no 3rd row seat, it has stock back bumper and I don’t even have a spare tire at the moment. I would say it’s about as light as almost possible for an 80 right now.




Measure the distance between the front bump stop and the landing pad, inside the front coil. IIRC stock ought to be 50mm.
Sounds stock, but not sagging. Without seeing pictures of them, wouldn't be surprised if they were replaced w/ stock height. From memory, I think a lot of original 25+ y/o stock springs leave 80s around 20" or sometimes slightly less.

Remove the brush guard aka damage multiplier!
What year is your rig?

What year is your rig?


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