Help changing the belts on my 20r ( I wanted to do this right now but I don't know )

Oct 12, 2004
I asked a question a few days ago about chaning the belts on my 79 plow truck with the 20R. Well, I got the new belts, but I am still not sure what to do. The belt in front (closer to rad) seems easy enough because it does not fit around the fan, that belt is for the air pump and the hyd pump for the plow. However the alt belt is behind the fan, I can't see how I can change the belt without taking the fan off. Am I missing something here, or does the fan have to come off to change the belt? When I remove the fan, is it justa matter of taking a few nuts off, and pulling it off the engine?

Mar 22, 2004
Castle Rock, CO
I don't have a 20R and never changed the belts on a 4cyl, but usually you loosen the belt adjustment (on a idler pulley sometimes, or a alternator/ps-pump, etc) enough to slide the belt off that pulley, then you snake the belt out around the fan, around one fan blade, then another, etc...not hard at all, snake the new belt on and then put on adjustment pulley and adjust it tight, I have not seen a vehicle where you had to take the fan off to change the belt.

Good Luck...
Nov 21, 2004
I had a '84 22R and the belts came off over the fan, just sort of do a back and forth thing across the blades if that makes sense, might have to take the fan shroud off though??? Been about a year since I had it. Good luck, chances are they won't make it so that you had to do to much to change the belts.............
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