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Oct 28, 2002
I've got the engine sitting on the crane, without the tranny, and it doesnt want to come out.  I have everything off it, the mounts, 4 tranny bolts and all the bits and peices off the engine.  It moved about an inch forward and now will just move a lil bit back and forth...anyone?!?

87 fj60
If you have the tranny out, bellhousing off and front mounts off I can't think of much else to hold it in. Did you make a complete check all the way around the engine and look for anything that might be interfering or binding? It's got to bee something simple that was overlooked.
The tranny was still in, but the shaft was just sticking a little bit, just gave it a few good pulls and she popped out, problem solved! :D
New problem!

I also just figured out the mystery of hwy i couldnt find a flywheel inspection cover that fit.....Some dummie put a 3f bellhousing on!  Is this right?!?! and if so why did the dealer try to order one for a 2f housing?  Second question, if i do the ranger overdrive with stock tranny combo for v-8 do i use this bellhousing or a chev. one, and what about rear motor mounts, use the old ones since i only removed the front ones?!?!?
that some dummy with the 3F bellhousing was Toyota son. 1985 and later US trucks have that bellhousing that has the ears for the H55 front input retainer and the tranny is also clocked to drop the transfer lower.
When in 85....cause i made the mistake of typing 87 when i ment 85 :D (thats one of our other cruizer) she's an earlie 85, and the dealer kept getting me a 2f bellhousing flywheel cover...why would they do this if it should have a 3f one????

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