HELP ASAP!!! Leaking brake fluid inside cabin!!

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Feb 15, 2012
Denver, Colorado
Just sold my other car, so we're down to one vehicle and need this fixed asap!!

Rebuilt my master cylinder on my 2000 LX with the Toyota kit. My cylinder bore was near flawless, and the swap went ahead without any issues.

Get everything buttoned up, brakes bled and notice a steady stream of fluid inside the cabin near the steering column on the floorboard. On closer inspection, I can see the fluid leaking past the boot that goes around the cylinder plunger.

Pulled unit out, made sure snap ring was seated correctly (it was), put everything back and same thing!!!

What am I missing? Any ideas??
How many miles on your rig? Maybe your cylinder bore is worn out?
339k, but the cylinder bore looks flawless. No scoring or corrosion

But that does not mean it's not worn out, it can now be bored oversized but without measurments you'd never know.
339K yeah i think it would be time for a new master... brake fluid inside the cabin is a sign
Of fluid passing inbetween the cylinder and seals.
Ahhh! It's still FxxxING beeping!! Motor tested out fine, brakes feel rock solid. What am I missing??

By the way, it only happens in cold weather. Is it possible for the accumulator to fail?
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Doesn’t the accumulator just act as a reserve reservoir for the pressure, if that is the case then check how many pumps of the brake pedal after switching off you get until your pedal drops and loses pressure. Could also be the pressure sensor being faulty aswell. How did you bleed the system did you use techstream or have you activated the abs and bleed the system again.

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