HELP!! advice required for disc brake conversion

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Mar 28, 2009
hi guys..posted this on the "mini truck disc brake conversion for dummies thread" below...but though i would post it here to make sure somebody would see it.

the situation is as follows..

currently in the process of doing a conversion from drums ( fj40 1975) to disc ( complete 60 series knuckles, calipers, rotors, , with fj55 30 spline axels/birfs and aisin hubs.

the problem i have run into is once i put have placed the aisin hub cover, and then the outer c clip onto the axel, i go to install outer hub cover and spring, and it wont fit!! it is getting caught up on the outer c-clip itself, and it seems as though the axel is to long by around 3-4 millimeters.

after reading this thread a couple of more times... it seems as though the clip for the axel can be a tight fit?? again, i can install it need to pull axel out, and have around 5 mill behind the clip before any of the other hub internals.. i have tapped/lightly hit the axel end to try and move it further into the diff go....

anybody got ideas?? pulling my hair out atm!!!

thanks in advance
Are you using Mini truck Birfields or 76-78 Cruiser Birfields?

The cruiser birfs are longer.
umm, i think they are cruiser birfs...and the aisin hubs are short...maybe get the longer hubs?
or shorter birfs..
Get the shorter birfs - the longer 76-78 LC birfs and locking hubs are becoming increasingly hard to find.

The shorter birfs are: any SA minitruck birfs, any 79-83 F40 birfs, and I believe any fj60/62 birfs. AFAIK, all upgraded birfs (longfields etc) are the shorter pattern.
Depends on where you are. Aussie stuff has different availability than US stuff does ;)

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