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Dec 28, 2017
North Dallas area
Just wanted to say "Hello". I recently bought a 1987 FJ60. Wasn't running, had the carb off. I had it rebuilt and will hopefully get it installed soon. Looking forward to driving it and spending way too much money on it in the future! And I'm looking forward to learning a lot from you fine folks. I'm in the North Dallas area. Cheers.
That is cool, another 60 member who will have a big hole in his pocket soon enough. Welcome to Mud sanity :flipoff2::flipoff2:(official mud welcome) :cheers:

Please use SEARCH and FAQ before posting any inquiries, most guys and gals here are helpful and willing to share, it is a great place to get to know your rig.:beer:
Looks like I can only upload 5 images per post, so I'll spare the exhaustive collection of photos I took just before I bought it. I'll create another thread with an appropriate title and post my pics, if that's ok. Also, I noticed there is an album function under "Media". Would that be a more appropriate place for me to upload the images, and then reference in a post?

It sat under a tree for about 18 months, which caused all the gunk you see on the paint. The dark build-up material is stuff from the tree, not rust. It will need a thorough washing when I get it running. I'll start another thread with more details and photos.


Port side:


Front seats with obligatory rip in driver's seat:

Back seat:
:flipoff2:official Mud welcome!

We have couple of clubs here in N Texas. We meet 2nd Thursday of the month at Pappa's BBQ in Northwest HWY near I35.

Pics are nice.

Thanks for the info! I will definitely check it out. I might have to come to a few meetings in my Hyundai 'til I get the 60 running! :frown:
What time does the meet start?
Very nice performed front bumper mod, I did that to the rear.
Wahoo, welcome to the club! A little shampoo and shave and it’ll look great!
Looks like you did well! Congrats! Now you need to consider OME heavy duty springs with the 2.5 to 3" inch lift, a set of 33 x 10.5 BFG's, h55 5+speed transmission, 4:11 gears, desmog, TBI or engine transplant the list doesn't end. Meanwhile, enjoy that beast. It's a great machine as it is and you've joined a cult that requires outdoor adventures and a slightly snobby attitude towards jeeps (heeps in Spanish). Check out the mods for $50 or less in the FAQ too. Welcome aboard!
Thanks, y'all! I'll post some pics asap! What have I gotten into?!

Too Late bud, no return no exchange but I can take it as a donation if you don't want it.:D:D

Seems to be a good specimen, just need a good cleaning and start with the basics and get her back on the road safely and enjoy the ride.:steer:

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