Hello all just got my 93 FJ80.....

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Mar 17, 2006
111,000 miles original....bought from Cody Carlson he played for the Houston Oilers! Hes was the 1st owner. Very clean. It already had new 285 BFG's all round old man emu lift and shocks.
All mant. records. This rig is great, also my first LC, well toyota for that matter. Any suggestions on what mods I should do would be great. Thanks all. Elton Oh, what are lockers? I see that everywhere, does mine have them?
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Do you have a little knob to the left of your steering wheel that says "Diff Lock" on it?
G'day mate :flipoff2:

Nice original rig. I'd lose that front bumper also known as a damage multiplier. Go for a bar that is strong, has a good approach angle and is made by a reputable manufacturer. I personally have an ARB winch mount bull bar which is a quality bar but do some research on the best bar to suit your needs.
BTW, lockers are used to lock the left and right wheels of an axle together so that they rotate at the same speed.
IMHO, lockers aren't the be all and end all of off-road ability. Yeah, they are great to have but I can go 99% of the places a locked non-80 series can go. The 80 even in standard form has good articulation and if you can keep all four wheels on the ground you've got half the battle won. I believe good M/T tyres and good suspension will get you further than A/T's, stiff suspension and lockers. I also believe lockers if not used correctly will get you into more trouble than without.
Elton if your 80 has lockers thats great just learn where and when to use them. If not its no great loss you can always add airlockers later if you think you really need them.
Looks pretty clean!

A few more (larger:D ) pics would be nice. ;)


Welcome. He is right about the front bumper. Spend some time going through the different sections of the FAQ, it should tell you a lot about what you could do to your rig

This is the Diff locker switch, If you have one, you most likely have factory lockers

Thanks 4 the help. BTW it has a 4" OME lift kit is this a good kit? Thats what it say on the reciept. Or should I change it?
Nothing wrong with OME. I got the same in mine. Provided it was installed correctly you should be right.:cheers:

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