For Sale Hellfire knuckles and other toyota parts

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Mar 24, 2016
United States
I'm selling off a pile of parts I've been hoarding for projects that will never happen. Some parts are used and some are NIB. I don't want to separate the groups unless I have buyers for everything. I take PayPal, venmo, and cash. Parts are in Parlier, CA close to Sanger.

Edit: I have tried resizing the photos with no luck. I'll text or email the pictures to anyone who wants them. I just can't resize them enough to post them.

Toyota big brake swap- 2 used SFA spindles, 4 used ifs hubs, 2 NIB 338mm rotors, NIB 14wa calipers and pads, NIB sky's brake swap bracket, 2 used30 spline chromo lockouts, 2 used 27 spline lockouts. $900

Hellfire knuckles- NIB knuckles, arms, caps, studs, bolts, used knuckle balls. $1200

Sky's spring hanger kit- frenched shackles, front hanger, hardware. $300
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Image size probably too large. Can you reduce it to 1600 x 1200?

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