Hell Creek Suspensions

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Feb 8, 2006
Vancouver (not BC), WA (not DC)
Never heard of Hell Creek, but if you are looking for a good quality suspension and willing to pay quite a bit extra, I would look into the Hell For Stout suspension from www.coolcruisers.com .

I thought Skyjacker was notorious for having no flex????
but I could be wrong or have it mixed up with something else


I currently run the 2.5 in. Hell Creek springs and at least 4 local club members run the 4 in. version. I won't try to speak for everyone, but my springs have been fantastic especially considering the great price. I have heard nothing negative from my clubmates about their 4 in. lifts. I hope to upgrade to the 4 in. version in the very near future. Save your $$$ and go with the 4 in. the first time!!!

As with most new springs, there was a break-in period when the springs were a little harsh, but after flexing them they have smoothed out to a very comfortable ride and have held their arch very well at all corners with no lean in any direction. My shackle angle is good front and back with original equipment Toyota shackles. Clubmates running the 4 in. lift have everything from OEM to plus 2 in shackle lengths. I plan on using +1.5 in. shackles when installing the 4 in. lift. Anyone have any for cheap? I have a pair of 2.5 in. HFS shackles to trade.

Hell Creek Suspensions designs and manufactures their springs in the USA. They were formerly a spring supplier to another suspension vendor, but now do their own R&D and manufacture for a variety of trucks. Hell Creek has many years of leaf spring development and manufacture experience. Tom is the owner and a very nice guy. Give him a call or see the webpage: http://www.hellcreeksuspensions.com

Hell Creek sources the U bolts, bushings, and shocks (Heckethorne) from Rough Country. Hell Creek makes their leaf springs.

After checking my spelling, I realize it may seem that I am somehow connected to Hell Creek Suspensions, but I have no affiliation - just a local satisfied customer who did a little research. I am lucky enough to do business near the plant and have been able to pick up and deliver a lift to a local club member. I met Tom in the process and was able to learn more about Hell Creek Suspensions. By the way, Hell Creek is an actual creek that borders the plant property where Tom has been in business for many years.

I hope this information is helpful to your decision.

PS: Be sure to ask for the free sticker when you place your order.
Thanks 77TLCFJ40, I'll definitely check them out. I had not heard about them before, so I wanted to get someone else's opinion.

Thanks my64fj40, I had not heard that about the skyjacker. I have also heard excellent things about the HFS suspension. If I had an extra $1200 laying around for a suspension system, I'd buy HFS in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I'm on a budget. :crybaby:

I've also checked out Jeff Zepp's Rancho add a leaf (found it in this thread https://forum.ih8mud.com/showthread.php?t=73486). I might go that route with some longer shackles until I can afford a HFS or OME suspension.

Again, thanks for chiming in. I appreciate it!


You might want to check out TPI (http://www.tpi4x4.com/) for some OME Dakar springs. They were running a sale last December when I got Dakar springs (2.5" lift), poly bushings, Black Diamond shocks, U-bolts, TPI's greasable frame pins, and TPI's greasable anti-inversion shackles for $808, $930 delievered on my front door step. That's about the same as their current price for their Smoky Mountain suspension kit which is the same as mine but with TPI's springs instead of the OME/Dakar. I've heard good things about the Smoky Mountain and might be some posts here in the archives.

I haven't put the kit on yet as I have to work in my gravel driveway but spring is near....

Pete ('76 FJ40)
The old Rancho lift is the one you don't want. I believe it just had 3 leafs per pack (leaves?)
i have put two of the hell creek on and love them. i have had every lift that is made for an fj and these are great. the ole man ride a little better but you get mor lift frome these. good luck
Agreed, a SOA conversion is the only way to go. Just make sure you have someone who knows what they are doing....

Good luck!
Thanks All!

I really appreciate all the good info you have provided! It certainly gives me a lot to think about.

I am a fan of a spring over too, but that suspension doesn't cost too much and wouldn't require anything special to install it. I'd say go for it, but do stash your stock springs away somewhere, the SOA bug seems to be biting everyone at some point.
it is the only way to go and if you take your time and do things right it is very rewarding, and depending on ho much you can do yourself it can be very economical. let me know if i can help

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