Hell Creek lift

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May 17, 2003
Im looking at a Hell Creek suspension 4 inch lift kit. Does anyone know if these are any good? please hurry. thanks
I was doing research on lifts and was told they are real stiff. Both them and the Rancho. Only hearsay. I did recieve a lot of great comments on the Sky Jacker lift. You can get it from 4wheel.com and it is usually free shipping on weekends.

Haven't got mine yet, but I decided on the 4" version. Plan on getting it around Xmas
seems like someone said there is a reason they are called "Hell Creek" thats just hearsay too. I actually called the co. and asked specifics about them. They are made by a company that has been making springs for decades. I can't remember the name. Didn't recognize it at the time. Price is great, but I got so many better reviews on others I didn't dare take the risk to save a few bucks.
If you want serious off road performance with a 5-6" lift the best way to go is a soa with your stock springs. It will be really hard to find a better quality spring than the ones you got in your rig right now.IMHO. Forget the poser s*** and do a soa. you wont be sorry you did I guarantee.
Read this: http://www.englandhouseplans.com/fj55/fj40.htm

P.S. there is always Hell Creek lift on ebay for $400. Every time I'm on there looking at cruiser stuff anyway. Apparently one of the sons of the guys that started the old sping company that I mentioned - still can't remember the name. They even sent me a big long email about their co.- broke off from the company and started Hell Creek, but he buys from his family. Same thing, just sounds tuff I guess.
Thanks, Great Site. I am not sure if this is your site, but I wonder how he likes the lift now after some time has passed?

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