HEI help!!

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Apr 25, 2002
Bella Vista, AR
Alright, I've been screwing around with this damn thing for a week now. I bought the Cruiser with the original F and a HEI distributor. It fired fine up to a couple weeks ago. Now no freakin spark at all. I suck at electronic problems...

Here's what I replaced:
Ignition module

Not replaced:
Magnetic pickup

I am getting around 11.8 volts to the coil. I am also registering 11.8 or so out of the two wires running from the coil to the distributor that lead to the condenser and module. The condenser also is showing around 11.8 volts output. The two wires going into the module are getting around 11.8. Both wires coming out of the module are reading around 11.8. I can't get the damn coil to fire. I've replaced the coil twice thinking that I may have gotten a bad coil. It won't spark when you pull the wire from the coil to the cap. Anyone have any ideas. Think the magnetic pickup is bad? I need some help before I loose my mind...
You could have a bad condensor but one thing thats bothers me is that you have full battery voltage to your coil. Normally there is a resistor to reduce the voltage which prevents the coil from overheating and decreasing the life of the coil. I can't for the life of me find a good schematic, but the resistor will be inline between the ignition switch and coil.
HEI runs full 12V at the coil terminal. The pick up coil could certainly be a problem. You can test the module by simulating a trigger at one of the terminals. Since it makes a spark, you can test the coil at the same time. I'll see if I can't find the procedure, but a google search might come up with it.
Don't forget, especially with the conversion, to check to see if the distributer is actually rotating. I've seen folks who replace everything and the roll pin has sheared on the gear or even the cam isn't turning. The best one was the crank broke at the front bearing so it wasn't turning the timing gears.
Not to change the subject, and I see there should be 12 volts at the coil, but what keeps the coil from burning up if there is no resistor?
Update: Pulled the distributor and tore it completely down. It turns out to be the magnetic pickup coil. It was totally trashed. The plastic was totally gone around the coil wires and it wasn't magnetizing at all. Thanks for all the support. I can't wait for the parts store to get it in so I can put it all back together. I haven't driven it in over 3 weeks and I'm having serious withdrawls... :'(
I feel ya, I have been cruizer free for 3 months now, i want to to drive one RIGHT now!!!!! :'( :D :'( serious mood swings with out my baby workin

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