Heavy Gas / Exhaust Smell FJ60 Engine

Aug 15, 2002
Just wondering if there any common areas to check for this sort of thing, it's an '87 FJ60. The exhaust system itself appears to be sound from the tail pipe to the engine. I've had the thing for a year and the exhaust smell was there to begin with, it seems to have gotten worse. Recently a gas smell has been added in with the exhaust smell. You can smell these from 5 feet away from the engine. It seems they are coming from under the hood.

Any information would be great. Thanks.
May 15, 2003
Lafayette, CO
In my previous 60, the charcoal canister hoses had deteriorated...check the hoses on top of the canister, especially the 90 degree one that goes to a check valve.

I'm sure there could be other culprits...and ones who are really in the "know" will chime in...


Cardinal 87 FJ60
Jan 3, 2003
I would have to say intake exhaust maniforld gasket leaking somewhere. Run the engine and with your hand just feel around the manifold and if there is a substantial leak you will feel it. BE CAREFUL not to get burned. Not sure what else you could use to check I wouldn't recommend a match for obvious reasons.(vaporized gas... match... bad)

Jul 12, 2003
My 87fj had a similar smell. Got worse over a 6 month period - my kids were complaining, and then my kids friends were complaining too! Turns out the fix was easy, though irritating. The intake/exhaust manifold nuts were loose...all of them. Really loose. It's a PITA to tighten them (17mm socket if I remember correctly) but once tight, the smell was gone.

I'm guessing that I lucked out a bit, since my manifold gasket seems to work fine now that the nuts are tight. I was worried that I'd need to replace the gasket, which would have entailed a lot more work.

FWIW, I've since re-torqed the nuts, and sure enough, a few of them had loosened up a bit.


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