Heater Problems in 78 FJ 40w/350

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Nov 6, 2002
Pullman, WA
I have had a problem with the heater ever since I picked up the Beast. When I have the heater running, and I am stopping, or even when the idle gets low, the engine almost dies, and surges, and after about three of the die surge, it either is running, or has died, and it is a pain to restart it. What is causing this? Also sometimes the fan doesn't blow when I first pull the fan nob, or even after 2-3 times. When it blows it blows really good.
I don't recall, The cluster with that gauge is not lit, and it usually happens at night. If I keep the pedal down a little, it wont rev, but when I let off of the pedal it does, even if I am not moving. I will check this out tomorrow
All right, it still almost dies, but the alternator only drops after the motor drops, and then it shots back up to regular(14.3v). Possible voltage regulator? Insulated wire? Had it idling with fan on full, turned on headlamps, and started almost dying, immediatly, and while driving, it will do it also when i turn the turn signal on at low RPMs.
If it works OK until you turn on the heater then you should wear a heavier jacket. Actually sounds like it might be a wiring prob or blower motor going south. I don't know how your rig is wired but could the blower be causing the ignition to starve on low voltage. Test the voltage to the Ignition with and without the heater. Also if you can take a reading on how much amperage the heater is drawing you might get a better idea of why it is dragging the engine down.
I'll trry to check that out soon, and get back to you
Hate to ask a stupid qusetion, have you checked your coolant level in the radiator? I had another vechile that did this and the problem was the puke tank had a crack in the bottom of it and leaked good old kitty killer. Filled the radiator back up, no more surging.
The Radiator is full, I check it weekly, I didn't get your email fjcruiser, we just moved, and alot of my emails I threw out because of the lack of a computer at our new house, sorry
Are you still selling your rig? Email me if you are.

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