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Feb 25, 2003
Seattle, WA
I was wondering if there are any aftermarket heaters for FJ40s. My 66 is non factory equipted. There is no hole in the firewall for ducting so I can't use another cruiser heater. There was a heater in it but my damn father took it out to get it fixed but then threw it away because he thought it was useless. I live in northern california so I need one for when it gets cold. Any ideas where I can get a aftermarket heater.
Check out Jegs, flexlite makes a heater they call "The Mojave" heater. 4wheel drive did a write up on it couple of months back. I'm going to get on for my 71'. Its supposed to be very simple to install.
There is also a heater craft that looks like it would work fine. I may be installing one this winter. It puts out 28000 BTUs of heat and like 270 CFM of air.

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I searched around for a while, then broke down and got the one from JC Whitney. I had to make up a bracket (to offset it from the firewall and fasten to the original mounting holes. I also had to turn the core around 90 degrees to point the output to the passenger side. Not a difficult modification at all - just a grinder or tin snips is all you need.

I was impressed with how well it works. It is not a bad idea to do a very good flush of the cooling system before you install a new heater. It hurt to spend $140 on such a simple device, but it does work well.
Thanks for all the help. Until I get the $$ I guess I'll keep a spare sweater in the cruiser. :)
I just had a thought. Since those aftermarket heaters are just a box with a fan and a core, is it possible to put in a fan in a OEM heater box. So you don't need ducting from the blower but you still have a original look. Is this possible? Thanks.

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