Heater handle mod - with pics (ugly but it works) (1 Viewer)

Dec 2, 2006
North Mississippi
Desparate people do desparate things. Can't get the right freakin OEM heater flapper handle? Getting impatient? - no problem - just do what you gotta do.....

Thread the exterior edge of the flapper hinges, go to the local hardware store, buy a couple of really oversized knobs and screw them on...

Bottom flapper resistance? - use an old upper interior flapper spring and rig through the bottom hole of the "L" shaped exterior hinge bracket -secure the other end of the spring where the original handle screw hole mount is located (unfortunately the bottom flapper panel didn't have the hole for the spring or I would have put the spring on the inside - I may disassemble and screw the spring end onto the flapper and hook the other end internally...).

Drilled a hole and installed a set screw on the bottom edge of the heater (drivers side), wrapped the threads with foam, serves as a stopper for the bottom flap when heater is set to blow air from the bottom vent (visible in pic's).

Result: 2 independent flappers, 2 very big knobs, and a bottom flapper that almost sits properly when you want to close the bottom vent .

Ingenuity my friends...it's just one of the many God given qualities that separates humans from primates - and more proof that evolution is just a bogus theory....unless you are talking about FJ40's.
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