Heater for a FJ55

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Oct 5, 2003
Golden, CO
United States
Its getting cold. Anyone need a new heater, louvre and duct for thier FJ55. This one is in great shape, no cracks dents. I pulled it all out except the blower to make room for a vintage air ac/heat/defrost. $80 + shipping takes all. Can do pics if desired.

D :D
I am not interested in your heater (as I have pulled out of my FJ55 as well), but I would like to hear more about your Vintage Air setup. I have long hoped to put in a all in one vintage air system-- I wanted to put in a New generation Super Cooller to get maximum cooling, but I have not yet determined it will fit.

I have already purchased a vintage air condensor, but I have not installed it. I bought a pretty good sized unit-- actually larger than they recommended (again, to maximize cooling), and hope I get it squeezed in there.

Anyway, what unit did you use? Do you have any pictures or other on your installation?


Lets start a new thread on this one in the tech section. I can put in some photos. I learned a lot and you may benefit from my experience (good and bad). Give me some time to get the photos up.

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