Heater fan removal and smell of PO's dog

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Jun 20, 2003
Fort Langley, BC
The PO of my rig had a nice dog but her tidbit's of fur are starting to smell as it gets damp out here on the "wet coast".

It's smells like it's coming from the heater when the fan is on. I'm figuring that there is dog hair in there. Anybody ever remove this assembly and clean it out? Nothing in the shop manual.

It's probably easy to do, I just haven't tucked my head down there yet to look.

Anybody have other ideas to get dog smell out of their truck? It's not too bad but it's on my hit list. :banana:


I had a smoker as a PO...

I just started taking everything apart and wiping out the tar....no manuals, just put it back how you found it and wipe everything down with an ammonia based wipe.

I also got some of those cool clippy freshners that go in the vents.

The best thing I did was shampoo the whole damn thing and put some seat covers on...that made a world of difference.
Hey C-Dan, your IM inbox is full so I'll post here.

I've heard that some Toyota dealers offer the DWD2 product and do the install and treatment for $30. Does your shop do this?

Can you post pics where we would install the nozzle if we get the kit and DIY?

We do not do that one.

Toyota has an OEM cleaning agent that is sprayed into the evaporator, primarily to kill mildew and molds. This stuff looks interesting though.

Hey Woody, Can the "hall monitor" get a bigger mail box? :flipoff2:

::) ::)

Please Woody, don't give the hall monitor extra special privies!!

Remember what happened when you gave him the tilte of "god"
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Can you post pics where we would install the nozzle if we get the kit and DIY?



Just did it as per the instructions. We have not been offering this, but we are thinking of doing it. 1/2 :banana: job.

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