heater fan question.....

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Sep 26, 2003
Bangor, ME
No laughing please....... :-X

So I had to use the heater for the first time yesterday (it is cold here in maine) and came to a question. The fan switch is three positions. off, 1st click, and 2nd click (all the way out). when in the first click, there is no fan or low as i assumed there would be. when i pull it al the way out, turbo kicks on and heat flows fast along with all the dust and dog hair from the summer..... So my question is: Does the fan have two speeds or one?

Thanks guys!!!!
it should have 2 speeds, low and high(turbo) also the rear heater only comes on when on high(at least on my 82's)

I think there is a simple fix for the low not working, maybe the resistor in on the blower? someone else will know Im sure.

John H
Unless my 40 is screwed up, the first click is for the front fan and the second "turbo mode" should fire up the rear heater.
thank you so much for the info !!!!! Well mine is a 77 -40 but i do not have a rear heater..... PO did not include in the bag of goodies turned over so......

In regards to the register.... Gumby, that would be the cylinder turn horizontally on top of the fan unit right??? If so I assume it is bad when you can actually see the resistor wires that wrap around ....???? Is that a common item i can find somewhere like napa or an auto parts dealer???
Just because you can see the wires wrapped around the ceramic "form", does not mean the resistor is bad. Here's what I'd do:

Remove all wires connected to one end of that resistor.
Measure across the two terminals of that resistor with a multimeter. It should appear (unless you have a good meter & leads and know how to calibrate for low ohmic measurements) as almost a dead short. It is a one ohm resistor..... one ohm is almost NO RESISTANCE..... hence almost a dead short.
If it measures open.... (infinitely high resistance), then either the resistor is bad or you are not making good connection with your probes.

If it measures one ohm (nearly a dead short), the resistor is probably good and you can look to either the switch or the wire (blue/white on mine) going back to the "Low" position on the fan switch. (this should be the wire on the end of the resistor that only has one wire attached)

jeff Zep mentioned that you can get a replacemnt from Allied Electronics.
My Allied catalog (probably 3-4 years old) has that resistor for $3.38. Of course, they have minimum orders, IIRC.

John Sherwood
Charlotte, NC '79 FJ-40 TLCA 12495, Upstate Cruisers

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