heater and fog circuit breakers

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Apr 19, 2010
pickens, sc
are the circuit breakers the same for the fog and heater for fj6084 model in fuse box. I am in need of some but do not want to order two of them and only need one if the fog breaker is different. Also is $20 each a fair price??
If you are asking if the heater motor and the rear defogger run off the same circuit breaker, the diagram I have for an 83 FJ60 shows each has it's own circuit breaker. If you are asking if both circuit breakers are the same model number, then I don't know.
Where would one buy such breakers for the "heater" (blower)? My breaker is broken.
Nevermind, I found the breaker at cruiserparts.net. It'll be $32 after shipping.

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