Heated wiper blades install

Feb 7, 2017
Fort Collins CO
Installed a set of Everblade heated wipers on my 94. I was worried about these being gimmicky but checked with lots of sources and these got universally good reviews. Everything was included and all the hardware and wiring with connectors was good quality and ready to go.

I used a fuse tap on the 15 amp lighter fuse which fit perfectly and was right below an available unused switch plate on the dash. Then used an OEM fog light switch instead of the switch supplied.


Ran the 12v wire through the firewall from the switch and threaded the wires to the wiper blades through the bonnet. Kept it clean with nothing loose.



Now waiting for snow but they get HOT quick. I really hope this helps this winter to keep the slop buildup down and not make it necessary to run the inside defroster full tilt. I'm leaning toward swapping out with regular blades in the spring and using these only during winter. I'll follow up once they get a good test.

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