Heated Seat Problem

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Jan 14, 2022
West Texas
Hello, new here, and stumbled upon this most interesting and informative board. I learned alot just lurking. I recently bought a 2007 LX470 with 107k. It was very well taken care of and maintained. However, the driver's heated seat does not warm up, whether it's on high or low. The passenger seat works fine. Can someone give me a place to start with diagnosis/fix. Thanks in advance.
Well first of all check if the all connectors for your seat on the bottom are connected. Start with that first.
I just had my seats torn apart. There is a chance it's burnt up and not working like below. Like any electrical issues you'll just have to work your way through it. If fuse is good, move to switch , if switch is good, check the plug and eventually into the heater element. The upper half on mine seemed to be made of something more durable.


My passenger side seat heat comes on even when turning the ventilation on. Any ideas?
What do you mean ? When you turn your vents on your seat heater come on ?
When I turn the cool seat vents on the seat gets warm like I have the heated seats on.
Cooling seats ? What kind of fancy vehicle are you driving ? Lol I think you need to go over to the 200 series forums
Yep 200 series. More so in the front. The vent is blowing air out but the front of the seat where your thighs would be get warm.

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