Heat sink trans cooler A440F

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Mar 30, 2009
Is anybody on here using a heat sink style transmission cooler instead of the tube and fin type? I'm looking at one of these two:

Derale 13260

Derale 13260

The Moroso is smaller, but has a replaceable filter. I was looking at mounting them against the passenger side frame rail. Curious if these will cool decently. I live in Southern Indiana and don't anticipate much mountain driving. Mild off roading.

I was thinking if they don't cool satisfactorily, I would put in a tube and fin with the fan attached. Please let me know any feedback and if anybody has one of the heat sink ones mounted - would be interested in seeing a picture. Thanks!
Thanks for the advice - I would like to mount something on the passenger side frame rail area, so I guess I would either have to go with the less cooling heat sink or a cooler with a fan mounted on it.
Some of those heat sinks are flow-thru, i.e. in one end and out the other. In the case of those I could see using one or two in the cooler's plumbing, but they shouldn't replace a cooler by themselves. Mostly what those are made for is drag race cars that aren't street driven so they have plenty of time to cool off.
What I'm thinking is mounting one on to run the fluid through between the radiator trans cooler and the trans. My whole cooling system is pretty much brand new, so it should be cooling the fluid down decently, would just like to get it a little cooler. Thanks - I'll check with Orange.
I've got one of the Derale's mounted on the frame behind the front bumper. With just that cooler I saw return line temps in excess of 230 (maybe 240, can't remember) while pulling a local mountain pass in 3rd in the middle of winter (I have Rodney's Extreme Valvebody with 3rd gear lock up but snow and traffic was keeping speeds ~45mph, below lock up speed).

I now have a remote B&M with a fan. At some point I'll pull the Derale or convert it to cooling the power steering fluid or something.

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