Heard someone bought a range rover...

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Feb 25, 2007
Colorado m'fing Springs!
Now who would go and do something silly like that:doh:....Brett!

Heard it was damn clean now lets see some pics and the details:hillbilly:
Brett and a RR....like Josh stated - - DETAILS MAN!!!!
My 80 wanted a pet. You know, something for it to pull out of holes and tow home at the end of a weekend.

Picasa Web Albums - Brett - 1991 Range Ro...

No, I'm not selling my 80.

Josh, sorry I missed the party last night but I had to visit the minor emergency. I was mowing the lawn yesterday and something flew out from under the mower and smacked me right in the eye. It's not very pleasant to look at. Spank the birthday girl for me.
wow that is immaculate! Very nice find, id like to try out that buttery leather sometime and see how it compares.

Was this the same one you brought to the LSLC-Austin meeting not too long ago?

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