Headlight woes

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Feb 21, 2007
Here's the problem low beams work perfect, high beams only work on flash mode. I have taken apart the column and cleaned out the combo switch. I switch on brights, the light on the dash lights up, but the headlights die. I've been trying hard to fix this problem but cannot figure this one out.
remove the switch from the colum ,remove the cover there will be three contact points that operate the headlights one for low,one for high ,one for flash . find the one for constant high use a small file or high grit sand paper etc. file the contact so you get a clean contact . put it all back together give it a try! if you have any prblems search 4crawlers web site for detailed instructions:cheers:
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Thank god I just fixed. When people were talking about the switch I was thinking just where handle meets but it gets deeper. Brushed it up and isall good and fixed. Just burred up the brushes and it's good. Thank you for your help.

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