Headlight bulbs swap

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Oct 6, 2022
Just put these AUXITO LED bulbs in my Tacoma with original halogen headlights. Installation was pretty straight forward, the housing with the prongs were slightly larger than the original bulbs so I used a little bit of silicone to fit it over the boot. I did not have to adjust or trim anything. There is a definite difference in the brightness in the bulbs, I thought some adjustment in the lenses may need to happen, the light cut outs are a little different from the regular halogen beams but you get used to it really quick. So far I have not been "Flashed" by any oncoming traffic and I live in a very mountainous region (no city/town lights).

I have super bright led and thinking about going back to stock.
What is weird is the dam things have worked perfect since I installed them years ago, I just think they have crappy output. I read the Tacomaworld right up on increasing stock output with a new harness and more powerful bulbs I think I may go that direction. There is a lot of good info on headlights on TW.

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