Headlamp Bulbs - 80 vrs 100

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Apr 12, 2003
Anyone know if the bulbs in the 100 series are different than the 80? How different? I'm considering the John Deere HID lamps for my 80 - the are easy to mod for the 100, how about for the 80?
The bulbs are the same for 80's and 100's
Not trying to be picky but the Deere lights are HIR, not HID. Only one letter but a very big difference.
The JD HIRs make a dramatic difference in the 100. Much closer to my wife's car xenons. Much whiter and much brighter. And $28 each, they are hard to beat. I ordered the IPF HIR 130 W for the high beams and they will be here this week. The IPFs are $110 for the pair.


Are you going to upgrade the wiring harness before putting in those 130 watt bulbs? I've got the upgrading wiring from Slee in my 80 and I'm still a bit worried about putting in 100 watt high beam bulbs.
I was not planning on it. Should I?

I just opened the box. The box says 130W, HB3 bulb however in the small print it says HIR1-12v 65W. So bascially this is a 12v65W bulb so the wiring harness should be ok.

Andrew :D

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