Headers\exhaust for lx450

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Sep 22, 2003
i have thought about the heat issue but after talking with a few guys those header-exhaust wraps really work. They also halp with horse power too. Hot gas moves faster so by rapping the exhaust the hot gasses stay in the pipe and thus move faster.
I'll keep you guys posed as to what i find. Im thinking maybe a turbo muffler.
I have an un-used set of Downey headers in gleeming chrome that I have had in a box for 9 years. They were designed to fit the 93-94 side-by-side cats. If you have an interest in them, PM me, I'll never use them.
I think it was on the 80's cool list that some said the headers rusted out very quickly. Of course material used makes allot of difference.
I used a turbo wrap kit on my 80 to wrap the turbo and header wrap from the turbo out down to the 1 cat I now have. Decreased my under hood temp by about 20 degrees. Also caused my check engine light to come on I believe code 420? inefficient exhaust reading this was after I put on header wrap, after resetting the ECU three times it no longer lights up. Not sure why it stopped lighting up, maybe the header wrap needs time on the exhaust.

If you are after horsepower and torque on the 1FZ-FE then you are spending your money on the wrong thing. The only option that makes sense is forced induction. With the TRD supercharger you'll get 100HP (approx) for $3,500 (approx) Nothing you do with headers, mufflers, or K&N will compare to forced induction. The other option would be an intercooled turbo charger.

Unblown due to lack of funds, not lack of information
I would be intrested in the headers if i knew they fit my lx450 who makes them?
As for the heat wrap thats intresting that the light comes on maybe its due to the o2 sensor? as for the supercharger I'd love to put one on but the $3500 is a steep price that i dont have that and the money i have right now it going into a lift and some bigger tires. If any one nows of a used or cheeply priced supercharger let me know.

thanks mike
i would like to hear from someone who actually has run headers on a 1FZ-FE and see what they have to say....i dont think it would be mad power gains but it seeems everyone is a little narrow minded about how to get power out of these engines.....just a thought

>> little narrow minded about how to get power out of these engines <<

A S/C will get you hp for $35 each (roughly.) edited A set of headers and matching exhaust system will cost you probably $1000+ and I would be surprised if you could document a 20hp gain. That's $50/hp best case.

B you mean $35 per hp. $3500 divided by 100hp... Now if you already have the s/c I wonder if you might get more than 10-20hp with the better breathing exhaust???
TRD's dyno runs suggest that the stock 1FZ exhaust manifolds are difficult to improve upon. That is one reason why they did not pursue header design for the 1FZ. I have run both a stock exhaust and a Borla cat-back. I did not notice much of a performance difference between the two.
You are right. I didn't have enough fingers and tried to do the math in my head. I'll correct the above post.
I have a set of headers on my 97. They came from MAF a few years ago and were supposed to add 15 HP or so. They cost something like $600.00, plus I couldn't get a collector made locally so they sent me one for approx. $150.00. (They didn't say I would need to get a collector with their headers) I still had to weld/adapt to the exhaust and O2 stuff myself. After all was said and done I think I lost HP. They did not provide me with dyno info even though I asked and they said they had it so this is just a seat of the pants feeling. I am going back to the stock exhaust manifolds but it is a PITA now with the blower that will have to be removed. Sometimes I just get tired of going one step forwards and two steps back with things.
We have a customer that had a custom exhaust done. From the Y pipe it is 3" down to a single 3" cat and dumps right before the rear tire. That is about as free flowing as it gets. Didn't pick up any power, just noise.
Christo, did that guy have any type of forced induction.
Nope, but we do have another client with a intercooled turbo truck with about the same setup. Runs pretty good, but difficult to say how much the exhaust helps since it was all done at the same time.
Thanks Christo, Just wondering cuz I am thinking of putting on a more freely flowing exhaust.
Matt Doty had headers on his '96 80 from MAF back in the day. Dunno what difference they made other than a lighter wallet. Never seen anyone else with them.
>> little narrow minded about how to get power out of these engines <<

A S/C will get you hp for $35 each (roughly.) edited A set of headers and matching exhaust system will cost you probably $1000+ and I would be surprised if you could document a 20hp gain. That's $50/hp best case.

I dont have anything against the supercharger/turbos (infact as we all know they kick tons of ass!)....i just like to see something other than the usual J springs ARB bumpers and tires with a supercharger......just hoping to see something different/original.
NW, the reason you don't see much different from s/c-turbo, arb-slee, OME, is that there is not much else out there. The reason there isn't much else out there is the 1FZE from what I can understand is pretty well set up. Slee's stuff is superbly thought out and ARB and OME have been perfecting their stuff in Australia for years. On the other hand you can do what that middle eastern fellow did and get 740hp out of an 80 series with some very serious $$$$$$ investment and twin turbos. But I am sure he had a team of performance mechanics at his beck and call.
I personally liked what 4.88s and my 35" tire combo did for perfomance. Better crawling, better acceleration and better clearance. I don't know how that works into B's calculations but the SC is off the list :eek:. I don't need the power, pinging or temp control problems :doh:.
same here......j springs, lockers and 35s blew my mind....i was going place i didnt thing wagons should go.....Mtnrat...you hit the nial on the head..there is nothing else....It sucks to becuase as you get more products you get better products from companies competing. anyways. I am just all for new ideas and innovatoins on both a commercial and home level....

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