Header choices for an 83 60??

Apr 16, 2003
How bout some input on headers for an 83 60 . have all the cruiser catalogs and am wondering which would be the best for the money . I'm looking at the many's but the 2 piece kind of worries me . Also anybody running an OFFY intake??
Compersion is good so a re cam and rebuild of the ASIN carb plus a GM HEI dist should boost the power a little .
Mar 16, 2003

I have the MAF tuned ceramic headers on my 86 FJ60. In fact I went for the whole enchilada and changed the exhaust system over to there system right back to the exhaust pipe.

1) header
2) connecting "Y" pipe
3) high flow cat
4) cat-back system

Runs very well, sounds good and no welding required.

I also put the fluid heat riser on...I live in New England and even after just a few minutes the truck runs a lot better than just plain cold and go!

Downside...a bit pricey, a lot of stuff has to come out for the install.

Seems peppier and also noted that is runs a lot cooler than with stock manifold.


May 5, 2003
Houston, Texas
I run the same smog legal header on my 60. It's pricey and I'm not a fan of MAF, but it's a well made unit. I've also used the 6-1 which works just fine also, but isn't smog legal.

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