Head Gasket: Toyota vs 'OEM that mfrs gaskets for Toyota'?

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Apr 30, 2014
I know I shouldn't take any chances by using an aftermarket gasket for my cylinder heads. However, I've noticed a few cruiser outfitters claim they sell gaskets that are mfrd by the same OEM Toyota uses, but that are 'superior in quality to Toyota's'. Has anyone used these types of gaskets?

Here's an example of what I'm talking about from JT Outfitters... http://www.jtoutfitters.com/head-gasket-toyota-land-cruiser-fj40-fj55-6974-p-27304.html
Your sig says, 1982 FJ... Are you looking for a F engine HG, or one for the '82 ?
I have an 82. I Just used the link above as an example of the point I was trying to make regarding buying actual Toyota vs buying 'supposedly' through OEM that mfrs for Toyota.
It matters because the OEM is avail for those years, but I don't think so for the earlier. 11115-61010 which has been updated to 61030.

NHK is the OEM for those gaskets (81-87, 2F) but I'm not sure about earlier years. It's sometimes sold under the Stone label, as I think stone bought the company or Ishino or they just rebadge, but the Stone-labeled HG isn't always the OEM, particularly in the kit.

The price is very close to the cost from the dealer, anyway, if you buy from a discount shop, like BENO at Nalley Toyota. And I don't buy parts off ebay because it's the best place in the WORLD to get counterfeit parts - unless you buy from a known LC vendor with an ebay store.

But FWIW, http://www.ebay.com/itm/STONE-11115...Parts_Accessories&hash=item3ceea88264&vxp=mtr

I'd only buy from a dealer or MUD Land Cruiser vendor. It's not something anybody wants to do twice.

The OE and OEM gasket will have the copper rings around the oil holes and larger fire rings.
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Hi Guys
Thanks for your responses. That explains a lot. I'll plan to buy Toyota for the head gasket.
Can't wait to be at the point where I'm putting things back together again.
JT Outfitters and Cruiserparts.net are the Harbor Freights of Land Cruiser parts.


and just for flames, if the mating surfaces are flat and you are good about your torque tech and frequency of retorque, you should be able to use any head gasket...my rig runs a maf rebuild kit head gasket for almost 2 years now and over 18k miles. had to use it cause the machinist put the good one on bass ackwards; discovered on a sunday morning when rig had to be running the next day...I do have a spare, but have not had need for it yet...
Ahhh, feels good to be assembling the head and associated parts. I'm finally on the 'right side of the curve'.
Shout out to Vallye Hybrids in Stockton for having parts in stock that I've needed to replace along the way.
Thanks Georg!

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