Head Gasket? R these BAD? Installer Near Denver?

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Jan 29, 2007
Fort Lupton, CO
Well the HG died in our 1995 Landcruiser, I always knew it was a fairly expensive job to do, but I am quickly learning it is a lot more than I originally thought!, first off I am a big ebay buyer/seller, so naturally I went there to look for the gasket set, I found a head gasket "set", now I know you all will chime in about dont buy anything non OEM, especially off of Ebay, but after researching the sellers feedback, 100% with his feedback rating being over 6500, that impressed me, I have over 7000 feedback, and know how hard it is to keep a 100% rating(mine is 99.3%), so it made me think, maybe these non OEM gaskets arent really too bad? here is the item: eBay Motors: 93-97 4.5 Toyota Landcruiser, Lexus Head Gasket Set (item 300221042319 end time May-10-08 16:49:26 PDT)

What are your thoughts?

Also, is there anybody in the Denver area that will do the job FAIRLY inexpesnively? maybe $700 labor?, I know it is a lengthy job, we just dont have a lot of $$ to currently put into the vehicle, our other option is to sell the Land Cruiser AS IS, it is a BEAUTIFUL dark green metallic one that we have just put new tires on it, it has F/R Locking diffs, all original, 150,000 miles on it, not 1 drip of any fluid leaks on this machine..

Thanks in Advance!
looks good, but I won't and didn't do it.
why second guess something that takes about 20hrs of labor...
call cdan!
I don't have references for CO, but the labor rate for my hg replacement was around what you are willing to spend for the repair, but alas I am in CA.
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if you look at the HG in that kit it doesn't have the changes that Toyota made to "beef up" the new gasket and thwart another failure.

And I don't understand the whole ebay score equals quality of product thing. I always see ebay score as shipping on time and goods arriving safely. Maybe it means more with those who are selling used items but this would hopefully be a new gasket set.
dont know what he charges, but you might ask powderpig (robbie antonson).
I appreciate all the help and info, I guess OEM is the way to go!

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