Head Gasket Photos

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Mar 31, 2005
Robbie recently replaced my HG, and several other parts on my 94 FZJ 141K. I have been running Toyo red since flushing the green/grey coolant that was in the vehicle when I bought it in OCT 04. The truck has never had any overheating issues, but I did have to replace a leaking radiator (I also did hoses and T-Stat). The PHH had been replaced at some point however. The vehicle had no apparent performance issues.

These photos are of the #6 cylinder where the standard leak develops (the third, kinda' fuzzy, but shows where the fire ring had actually cracked). I was not using any coolant (that I could tell), but I did have steady stream of bubbles in my overflow @ 3K RPM. Robbie said there was evidence of coolant making it into the #6 cylinder, albeit not a large quantity. Robbie also said that ther was definitely loss of compression in several cylinders, due to the gasket condition. I did not want to spend the cash for this repair, but I am certainly glad that I did. As Robbie says about the 1FZ HG, "it's more likely not if, but when the gasket will leak/fail"

I guess I post this for all the people who are like me. I would read the HG threads 'ad naseum' trying to find a way to justify NOT doing the PM. I guess for me it came down to the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper. It may or may not fail. However if it were to fail while I was Camping, Hunting, or an a long roadtrip, what would be the consequences. I can only speak for me, but that peace of mind was worth every penny! Just my opinion, so consider the source.

Thanks to Dan, Doug, and Robbie, and everyone else who has gone through the effort to help address this issue. I am so grateful for this forum.


94 FZJ80 142K Locked 2.5 OME 285's DD Pin 7
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Seems like one after another 80 is having the HG problem...must be do to the age and mileage run up on them....good to see that you were in good hands to get the HG fixed.
awe s***!!! I need a tow...

From the LA area traveling to yuma AZ my head gasket went.
The truck is still in El Centro at the toyota dealership.

I'm trying to find a way to get the fat beast back to town (300mls),
but U-haul dollys and flatbeds are too small. so they say.

Anyone fit an fj80 on one of those flatbeds??? U-haul says it's too heavy
but they dont have to know. Any other suggestions????

Yeah, I think it is just a maintenance issue at 150K or so. I should get another 150K out if it, so it was money well spent IMO.


s*** is right man. Bummer, I guess that is the reason I went ahead and got it done. Maybe Robbie, or some other 1FZ wrench would be up for some traveling................................????

thanks. I'll look it up.

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