Head Gasket in Columbus, OH

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Jan 8, 2006

My wife's '96 LX 450 with 110K just starting burning coolant and a garage told us it was a blown head gasket. Can anyone please recommend a good mechanic or shop to replace it in Columbus, OH? What should we expect to pay to have it done?

Any info. would be greatly appreciated!

I would expect to pay $1,200 to $2,000 depending on what is found and where you have the work done. Try to select a mechanic that knows this engine and a shop that has done this job before.

If you are interested, there are a couple of good threads describing a DIY HG job. Lars, Landtank, and IdahoDoug to name a few. Doug is currently replacing the HG on his '93 and he has a DVD video that documents this job when he did it on his '97 a few weeks ago.


Good Luck,
Just to veryify something i heard, there is a "New Style" headgasket that replaces the old OEM unit correct?

Didnt they strengthen it up a bit because the old one was defective? Any truth to this?

The current HG part from Toyota has some design changes. We speculate that the changes were to improve the HG.

I believe "defective" is much too strong to describe the original part. Read Doug's post concerning how Toyota implements revised parts over the life of a vehicle. It is very interesting and, to sum it up, he said something to the effect that 99% of "revised" parts had nothing to do with correcting deficiencies.

Dastro, Welcome!

there is a ton of info on this here, including tests to see if it really the HG.

BW, I like to think that they changed it based on the problems experienced rather than it being just a routine thing...
Hi Dastro:

Welcome to a fellow Buckeye cruiserhead.

I'm really sorry to hear what appears to be the dreaded HG episode in LC lifetimes....

Luckily, you are near a very good and well known cruiser mechanic--Jim Chenoweth. He is on the east side of Columbus--in Lancaster

His MUD name is FJ40Jim. Drop him a PM and see if he can help you out. Or, go to his profile and give him a call--his phone number is in is sig. on his profile.

Best of luck.

Akron, OH

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