Head Gasket Gone

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Mar 8, 2007
Hi All, after lending my cruiser to a friend to go to Libya it drove there and back no problems until it got back near home in London and then started blowing water out of the expansion tank and the AA man said the head gasket has gone!!! :doh:

Its the 3.0 TD engine.

Do they go often and why?

Are they easy to do and what else needs to be done at the same tim i.e. new head bolts etc.

Thanks in advance....
You´re lucky if only the head gasket is gone.
Take the head of and check it.
Use only the genuine gasket, all others are crap (made this painful experience when i restored a 2L-T2).
You should also take care of the radiator, the thermostat and the visco fan clutch.

And yes, you´ll need new head bolts.

Most 1KZ-T(E) will lose their head between 60 and 120tkms.


what? the 3.0 1kz is gone, i mean the head gasket, never and I MEAN NEVER lend your cruiser to a friend or familly member because sh#t like this always happens! now back to the head it depends how long he was driving it like that
if it was more than a few miles well it might have problems. I GUESS BY WHAT HAPPENED BY THE TIME IT HEATED UP IT WAS TOO LATE, IM SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS could you keep us informed
Chearfull bunch you are :confused: :crybaby:

It only lost a very small amount of water and never got hot! And the AA couldn't find anything wrong when they got there but recovered it anyway..

Thanks for the responce... I think :D :D
exactlty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well im glad that was all but still from other peoples experience once the coolent starts to spit out the overflow
hmmm good luck

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