HDJ81 to FZJ80 Diesel Swap

Discussion in 'Diesel Tech / 24 volts' started by 80sEnough, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. 80sEnough


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    Feb 20, 2007
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    I currently own a stock '94 FZJ80 that I will be converting to diesel when the right HDJ81 donor car becomes avialable. The ideal situation for the diesel conversion is essentially to have plug-and-play electronics swap so I don't have to rewire anything and really just move all of the deisel ECU's etc. into my FZJ. However, this "ideal" conflicts with my ideal set-up, which would be to have the less electronic dependent 1HD-T engine and A442 transmission while keeping fully and properly functioning ABS. BUT, there are some confllicts, for the resolution of which I am seeking advice.

    My understanding is that the '93/'94 HDJ81s have the same A442F Auto transmission as my FZJ80, which is something I would like to keep considering it is supposed to be considerably overbuilt and less electoronically complex compared to the '95-'97 A343 (not to mention the available "Extreme" upgrade for the A442F). I would also like to keep my ABS, which I have not been able to find on an HDJ81 older than '95. I also realize that the '93/'94 HDJ81s have 1HD-T engines and the '95-'97 HDJ81s have the more electronically dependent 1HD-FT 24-valve engines.

    So, the dilemma becomes: I want to keep ABS and would prefer the A442F transmission, but the HDJ81s with the A442F ('93-'94) do not appear to have ABS but do have the preferable 1HD-T engine, and the HDJ81s with ABS ('95-'97) have the more electronically complex A343 transmission and 1HD-FT engine. This results in the following quetions:

    1. Can the ABS system of my '94 FZJ80 "easily" be wired into the electronics of a '93/'94 HDJ81 without ABS? I understand the diesel has only 1 ABS sensor whereas the FZJ engine has 2.

    2. Are the HDJ81's A442F transmission and transder case actually the same as that in the FZJ80? If so, can I just mate the 1HD-T engine to my existing transmission or does it need to get shifted and my axel lengths therefore changed?

    3. Do the '95-'97 HDJ81s actually use the A343 transmission, or are they like the Australian automatics from those years and still use the A442F?

    4. Would it just be easier to get a '95-'97 HDJ81 with ABS already, and give up the simpler and stronger A442F transmission?

    5. Is there an "Extreme" upgrade available for the A343 transmission?

    I appologize for the length of this post, but hope that anyone will be willing to help me with these questions or correct any of my "understandings" that may be incorrect. Thanks in advance.
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    Thats some tough questions. Most of the swaps here involve simpler engines into 60 series.

    In respect to #2 I would say all the transmissions and t/case are the same length .
    The adjustments for various engine positions is usually in the bellhousing.

    There is a few aussies on Outer Limits who have done similar swaps.
    Wholesale Automatics maybe able to help .

    IMO it will be easier to go with the 1HD T and 442 transmission and work out the details later.
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    Why not go with the hdj and be done with it......you'd be surprised how easy it is to get used to a LHD truck. I don't own one myself but I have driven one on a few occaisons.
    You'll probably save yourself a ton of headaches with wiring and such as well.
    You're gonna pay through the nose for the just the front clip, why not buy the whole thing and you've got your fzj for parts or sell it.
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    Talk to the guys at G&S Cruiser Parts. I think Sheldon (70sguy on this forum) did this exact swap. There's a bit of a thread somewhere...
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