HDJ81 Prices?

Feb 13, 2020
BC, Canada
Hi all,

I have a chance to but a 81 but am having a hard time nailing a price point on these things, from what I've been seeing the sale prices on the RHD diesels are all over the place.

The one I am going to be looking at is a 1991 HDJ81 VX limited sitting at 245,000km (152,000miles) with a 1HD-T with an auto trans, all stock, factory goodies include tire swing out, center console cooler, and possibly a factory winch (have not been able to confirm)

the BEB were done in 2019, less then 40,000km ago
timing belt was done around the same time

frame has some surface rust but overall seems solid from the pictures

what is it worth?!

I know there is a huge surge in prices recently but currently there is a similar HDJ81 for sale on BAT that seems to be going for way under market value, is the desire for diesel 80s less in the US then up here in Canada?

Nov 4, 2010
Langley, BC
I don't think anyone can really tell you what it's worth....It's worth what someone will pay for it...Pricing will vary across each province and even then within the province it will vary based on the region. Looks like the truck is maybe in the Kootenays or something. Anywhere in the interior of BC sees way more road salt than we do on the south coast. I have 320k km on my truck and I've had it since about 110k kms and 11 years. I don't have anywhere near as much surface rust underneath as it looks like that truck has.

I'm not saying that truck looks bad, I'm just saying it's seen harsher winters and probably has a much smaller market to sell to than it would if it was in the Lower Mainland, so it's probably not worth as much as if it was being listed in the Lower Mainland. That said, there aren't many on the market in BC these days either...

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