HDJ81 howl/whine from front end (1 Viewer)

Jan 3, 2010
Abbotsford BC
Hey guys my HDJ81 is howling and has a slight vibration under the driver side (RHD) from the front end, it happens at 80kph when it has light throttle.

I removed the front drive shaft and the noise went away. i just did the u-joints and cv on the front drive shaft and also got it balanced so i don't think its the shaft.

the noise changes slightly when i engage the center diff lock and the front shaft is in, but still seems to be present, just less noticeable.

also when going on and off the throttle quickly theres a clunking noise which is not present when the front drive shaft is removed. I'm thinking its something to do with the front or center diff, is there a good way to find out which one? there were no large metal shards on either drain plug.

the truck is a:
1990 HDJ81 2.5 OME lift triple locked 31'' tires
Nov 6, 2004
The clunk is the drive flanges, basically the full-time 4wd piece that locks the axle to the spindle. It's under constant wear and gets play over time.

It's $90 part (per side) from Toyota.

Many of the American guys swap them left to right and say it gets better b/c the wear is in a different direction. I can't speak to that as I haven't done it yet.

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