Hdj81 egt's (1 Viewer)

Jan 10, 2009
Abbotsford B.C.
For all you Bc boys (and girls) that drive the coke, I'm wondering what you commanly see for egt's and attainable speed unloaded specifically at the snow shed area. I made a run up tonight and was a bit alarmed. By the half way point I was down to 70km and having a hard time keeping egt's under 12-1300.... Even if I droped to 3rd. By the time I was at the top my engine temps were up to 200 as well. My pump and injectors were rebuilt recently and I'm running stock settings with boost at 12psi. I'm fairly sure last year when I did trips in the summer I was able to hold at least 90 and keep under the 11-1200 mark and never remember seeing 200 on the coolant.

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