HDJ81 Coolant gauge moving up and down (1 Viewer)

May 15, 2017
Fairbanks, AK
Hi, Fam.

In normal driving, I noticed that my coolant temp needle never really goes up more than 1/8 when I am city driving.

but Today, I noticed that it goes up to little below half line when I am on throttle going 70 mph. (First time on highway after the purchase, lol)
Then it comes back down when I leave it idle. (Heat from the vent feels the same regardless...)

Anyone with HDJ81 has similar experience?

(I will be installing a coolant temp gauge later this month to see if my gauge is too sensitive)
Feb 19, 2014
Manila, Philippines
Not normal. If your gauge is only 1/8 in the city, then you probably have a thermostat stuck open or maybe no thermostat at all. The coolant gauge in my HDJ80 is always in the middle and the actual temp according to my Defi gauge is around 83-85C in the city and up to 89C on the highway or long hill climbs

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