HDJ81 ACSD leaking, with video - please confirm

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Dec 14, 2010
Port Coquitlam, BC
Hey guys,

Been doing some research, and I think my bad fuel leak is at the ACSD. Going to try and attach a vid. You can see the leak drip right below what I think is the ACSD. Can anyone confirm this? I've been parking on a truck bed mat for a month or two now, and with the rainy Vancouver weather now my driveway is rainbow. :bang:

After another look, it looks like the IP in leaking from a few places. Looks like I need a reseal/rebuild.
Well, that is the ACSD just above the dripping, but you can't really see to confirm that's the source of the leak in this video. Great idea to delete the ACSD before it sends bits through your pump regardless.
Ok so I just put the blocking plate on and looped the coolant. A little tricky, but easy enough. However, it wasn't the leak problem. It looks like the leak is coming from the top of pump, the big plate under the diaphragm assembly, and then at the back about an inch in where the injectiors hook up. Time to do some more mud searching. Hoping I can replace these 2 or 3 seals without removing the pump and costing me $$$.
You will never fix it unless you do all the seals and gaskets at once.
@torqueluvr , do you have any suggestions/pics of the ACSD removal? You said 'tricky'...was that dealing with the coolant line bypass, or the removal of the 5mm hex bolts?
It was tricky because the space is really tight. I jacked up the axle and took the wheel off and worked mainly through the wheel wheel to access the 3 bolts. The 5mm hex bolts are a really tight squeeze, and a plate on my ACSD was grinded off (previous owner I guess), and missing a bolt so the spring was making the alignment all wonky. I ended up using a 6mm allen key on the bottom of the ACSD and levered it (actuated it) enough to get the 5mm straight enough into the top bolt. I had it in lengthwise, then attached some visegrips to the short end of the allen to get enough torque to crack it. The other 2 bolts are easier. Remember, where the new plate fastens to is aluminum so DO NOT over tighten. The coolant bypass was tight, and messy. Coolant keeps puking out unless you lift the hoses up, but there isn't enough slack to feed in the union barb joint. Once you go to join it, it just pukes out more coolant. It was a slippery mess. But got'er done.

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