HDJ80 with 1HD-FT -> workshop needed (1 Viewer)

Apr 23, 2021
we're currently traveling in the US with our 1997 HDJ80 - will add a introduction regarding us & our LC soon.

At the moment, we're located between Nashville & Memphis and our 80series needs some maintenance. Could you help us with a reliable workshop around our current location who has some experience with our diesel (1HD-FT 24Valve) and could get the diesel-specific parts?

Thanks in advance!
Simone & Bjoern
Sep 30, 2014
Hey mate,

can’t help with specific recommendations, but what sort of maintenance do you feel it needs? The 1HD-FT is pretty rare (especially in the US) so will probably be hard to find one with experience.

if I was in your position I would be downloading a copy of the Toyota factory service manual to provide to which ever work shop you go with, and be ordering the replacement parts from someone like partsoup (who can hopefully get the parts you need pretty quickly).
Providing the engine is running, maintenance should be pretty minimal (oil, filters etc) which most workshops should be able to do. If it’s something more major you may need to wait to get it to a speciality workshop.

again, depends on what needs to be done

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