HDJ80 dash lights flickering then on or off

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May 7, 2016
Decatur GA
Got scared a few days ago when I was driving and all my dash lights came on and flickered. Thought I lost my alternator. It is fine though at 14.8V. Then I realized that they are not coming on at all since my green turbo light is not coming on when I drive. Every now and then I see all the lights flicker briefly. All the lights come on when I start the car so not a fuse. Today they also all came on again when driving but then went off. Checked alternator again at 14.8V. Quick visual inspection of all wiring in line with the alternator look fine. I think it is just a loose connection somewhere or loss of ground. Any ideas where to start?
I'd start with checking your grounds.
I would also check the fusible links.
That's where I am going next. Nothing seems to be loose. Loosening and retightening as I go. Damn I hate electrical issues.

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