HDJ80 bearing noise at 70 km/h

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Jun 15, 2011
For quit some time i hear a bearing noise that starts at aprox 60-70 km/h. It doesn't change bij shifting into N (its an automatic 1994 HDJ80 Diesel apr. 400.000 K). Is there anything i can check where this noise is comung from, because i can't find the reson. The noise is coming from somwhere the middle of the car and there is al lot of bearings there that could be te one. I have the car for > 200.000 K and there have been no repairs whatever on axels, tranny ore t case.



You need to get it up on stands or a hoist and run it to find the noisy parts for an accurate diagnosis. At that age it could be anything. However typically at that age the front and rear diffs will need attention. I wouldn't suspect the transfer or auto transmission unless the service history was questionable.

If the fluids haven't been changed you can start with that. Using additives will help for a little while with noise, but the bearings will continue to wear out.

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