HDJ 81Snow Mode, Mountain mode ?

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Jan 11, 2007
France East
Hi, Guys,

I find on the web an '97 HDJ81 24 valves VX Lilited automatic .
It has "Snow Mode, Mountain mode" .
I do not know what it is; here in Europe, we never had this model.
Maybe i would be interested to buy it.Does it have Differential lockings ?
What are its specificities, compared with my '96 HDJ 80 24 valves 5 speeds manual ?

Thanks for your help !

Best regards,

I think that the switches are functionally the same as the 2nd start and pwr switches. The 2nd start switch uses 2nd gear instead of 1rst to avoid slipping. The pwr switch is supposed to changes when the transmission changes gears. With it on the truck shifts at higher rpms.
It sounds like "Snow Mode, Mountain mode" may be the same thing as what we have on US-spec 80 series auto transmissions. Here we have buttons that give you 2nd gear start, so that you don't get so much wheelspin on snow and ice, and Power, which holds the tranny in gear longer before up-shifting.
I've heard of the "Snow Version" with beefier batteries, starter, radiator shutter, heated seats, etc...

But I'm guessing what the others have said above are true...

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