HD Radio??

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Oct 31, 2006
Houston, TX
Anybody using a HD radio on your 100's? Is sound quality that good or is it just the same. My OEM player is dying and I am looking for few options.
When you state HD, do you mean Satellite radio?
I don't know much about HD Radio, but they sure are advertising it a lot! I've got Sirius. I suppose HD is subject to the same restrictions as regular radio, unlike Satellite. I got Sirius to listen to Howard Stern, and not for the sound quality.
I just installed HD radio (alpine). I haven't had a chance to listen to it much, but it does sound much better than "regular" radio. (Closer to "CD quality" like all the ads describe). One thing to note - my HD unit cannot receive the substations per channel. Some radio stations that transmit an HD signal, send out two broadcasts. EX: normal channel 94.5, second channel 94.5-2. I can only get the normal broadcast in high def. Some other aftermarket brands may be able to receive the substations. (I'm pretty sure all the home HD units are able to do this).
I have a JVC HD radio in the 80 series, it is fine, and I can get the substations (not all stations are in HD or have substations). It receives digitally, so it is like satellite in that it either has crystal clear reception or no reception. You can also choose to receive analog. I wouldn't pay a bunch for a receiver, but the JVC was surprisingly cheap, about the same price as any cd/receiver. Most of the HD receivers are spendy, or require an add-on unit ($$$).
When you state HD, do you mean Satellite radio?

HD Radio and Satellite Radio are two different things.

HD stations are mostly terrestrial, but you need a HD tuner to receive them. I have the option for the HD tuner on my DDX8017, but have not wanted to pay the $250 to get it. I have heard good things from a coworker though. Does claim that it is CD quality sound. I just don't listen to the radio enough to warrant it. I am all Ipod all the time.
I've been considering adding an HD tuner to my AVIC X930BT. Is it worth it? Granted it's only $99, but would love to hear opinions.
Another thing to note regarding HD radio is location. Here in Boise, ID we only have HD stations transmitted by the local university. Take a look here and it will help you determine whether your location has enough HD stations to make it worth the extra cash.

HD Radio | Stations | More Music. More Stations. More Features. Digital Sound. No Subscription.

And if you really want to have fun, look at Boise, ID and all of our 4 channels; which is OK, if you like NPR and Jazz... :rolleyes:
Counted 34 stations (multicasts included), about 14 of which i think I would listen to in the Orlando market. Ordered the tuner yesterday morning, using a few best buy rewards it cost me $85.
I put a Jensen HD in my daughters cruiser over a year ago. Large easy to read labels.knobs and buttons with most bells and whistles..Its 1 din. Paid a litle over 200.00. Big rigs,buses and tractors use it.JHD-3510.Looks retro. Mike
I'm not educated at all on these HD (Hybrid Digital) radios at all. Can these be added to existing stereos? From what I have read, I need to change my head unit. Problem is, I'm not sure how that would work, as I have a 2003, with Navigation. Is it feasibly possible to add a HD radio to my existing stereo set up?
Rover - Quite honestly, I would not bother, unless you were already buying a new head unit / nav unit / AC controls / etc.
Rover - Quite honestly, I would not bother, unless you were already buying a new head unit / nav unit / AC controls / etc.

x2. I have a HD headunit, it's OK. Not something I would spend tons of time/money on, unless there is some specific secondary HD channel that you really want, that is not on the standard radio band.

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