Events/Trails HC with UC and ONSC 6/21-23

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Sep 17, 2016
Between pit of man's fears and summit of knowledge
I'll be at summer camp in Rockwood TN (south of Knoxville) the week before. I'll be heading right by there on I-40 Saturday morning .
Give me a holler if you need anything.
Hello Bryan, my daughter and I are in. So far it looks like I'll be the only one from the Low Country. If anyone else is interested in going and want to caravan, I'll be leaving Friday morning around 07:30 -08:00.
Wish we could make it but I'm headed down south to see my sister that weekend... Sorry guys!
She brought her husband and children from Scotland... They wouldn’t do well camping! And they have very thick Scottish accents.
Sooo, they could bring some good Scotch whisky? And everyone loves a good accent. You arent validating your excuse very well for skipping out. 😁

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