Hazard swith light burned out

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Mine is also out. Never tried to replace it.

You are 100% sure you installed the correct bulb?
The little wire tabs on the bulb seat are aligned?
Which bulb did you use?
Bad bulb?
Turn the bulb 180, some are polorarity dependent.
I had to order the stupid little thing I tied everything. Bulb dosen't look bad didn't try to connect it to power out of the truck.
It’s an involved project but not that difficult. You have to remove the entire panel that surrounds the radio. A little bit of the center console has to be removed too. Once you have the panel removed you will need to unscrew several small screws and remove the cover to access the circuit boards that house the bulbs. The bulbs are very small quarter-lock units that come out after unlocking the unit. Pull old one out and put new one in, lock in place with screwdriver. There are about 10-12 bulbs behind this cover and I would recommend replacing all of them at once. I will post the link I found here on where to purchase the bulbs. Purchase extra green silicone caps. Almost all of the bulbs are clear with a green silicone “condom” that are very easy to tear when trying to remove them. There are two different sizes of bulbs you will need to buy.

While you’re at it buy replacement bulbs for the instrument cluster and keep them for another project.
I've already replaced the bulb with a new one but it still doesn't work. That is the problem not the replacing part. I can replace the bulb but it still doesn't work. Did you not read the three posts to this thread?
I did. The subject line of your post is one that will easily come back on a simple search for someone new the forum so it’s good information.

I’m not sure exactly what information you would expect to get from the post you created since something as simple as testing for voltage on the board would tell you what the problem is and whether it is a solvable problem or not.
A simple test of what board? Do I need a new switch even thought the flashers still work? It is in the switch not the circuitry behind the switch.
The little tabs on the bulb make contact with the board when you lock them in. What the tabs make contact with supply voltage to the bulb to illuminate it. One half of the hole the bulb goes in is positive and the other half is negative. Testing for voltage will tell you if voltage is being supplied to the bulb.

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