Hawse on an ARB?

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Dec 13, 2002
buggerville nj
Anyone on this forum running their ARB with a hawse fairlead? If so, how did you mount it? Just curious since it wouldn't line up. I'm running an ARB for about 1 more month and didn't want to weld a thick plate on the front, but may have to.

Back when I had an ARB on my old Tacoma I had a Hawse fairlead on it since I had synthetic rope. It was a billet one from some Toyota 4x website, can't for the life of me remember where though. I'll go through my pile of reciepts later and see if I can find it. What you doing with the ARB in a month :D
not an ARB, but the stock roller, stock steel hawse, the alum hawse, and the umhw hawse I now run all used identical bolt patterns...
Steve - it's already sold. In fact the guy does not have a front bumper right now. :eek:

Woody - to fit the roller fairlead onto the 80 series ARB, you have to drill a new hole through it. That's ok with the roller, but not an option with the synthetic hawse. :-[
Yes the holes need to be redrilled in the rollers about 30mm lower to line up the cable slot.
Can't you just wait a month? :flipoff2:
[quote author=Rogue link=board=2;threadid=9596;start=msg84613#msg84613 date=1073269010]
Can't you just wait a month? :flipoff2:[/quote]

Now you sound like your momma again. :flipoff2: No, I can't. :D

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