Hawk LTS Pads Installed & Birfields Repacked (1 Viewer)

May 7, 2003
So, I finally got around to getting the Birfields repacked and at the same time installed new rotors and pads to replace the stock pads after my brake fade/failure earlier this year.

First the pads. After a great deal of research, and debating between the Hawk LTS, Performance Friction Pads, and Porterfields, I ended up with the Hawks. I went this route after e-mailing with a brake supplier from a BMW group who supplies a lot of track cars, and their tow rigs. He sells the porterfields, but encouraged me to get the LTS pads even though he didn't sell them. His comments were the Porterfields will wear out fast as they simply do not hold up in heavy trucks and that he has had trouble with the Performance Frictions holding up. He felt that Hawk had done a good job at formulating the pads for heavier trucks.

So my initial impressions of the Hawk Pads. They have much better bite than stock. Modulation also feels better. Where the stock pads didn't give a lot of feedback after the initial application, the Hawks let me modulate much better. So far they are quiet.

The Birfields. This was my first repack with 145k on the vehicle. The bearings were repacked at 90k. My mechanic did the job, as I simply don't have time. It took him 6 hours (it was the first time he did them). He said the job wasn't hard, just messy. His comments were, the left birfield was low on grease, but there was still a lot in there. Also, he said the right front wheelbearing grease looked contaminated, but the bearing was fine. There was no leakage from the diff to the birfield or vice-versa. He said it would have have easily run much further as it was.

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