Having problems getting new seals on rear doors

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Dec 2, 2009
Tomball, Texas
well I have finally got my FJ put back together enough to start adding the new door seals. After installing the rear door glass a and new glass rubber, my wife and I tried to "test" fit the door seals. We have the SOR parts for this and it looks as if the seals lay over the edge of passenger side rear door.

Is this indeed the way it goes? Do I need to remove the hinges and bolt them on "over" the seal, thus crushing the seal under the hinge?

I'll post a picture tonight,

Also, how much space should be beween the bottom of the rear doors and the tub... my doors are rubbing right on the paint. There's plenty of "gap" at the top, but the bottom is rubbing and I don't see a way of having any adjustment in the doors or the tub to move the doors around?

Can someone post a couple pics of how the front and rear door seals should look?


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